“Rainbow Bridge Farewells”

DSC_0001Endings are the hard part……..

Beginnings are effortless, loving them is easy, beginning first lick, first paw shake, first snout kiss.……they own our hearts.

Losing them is a hole burned through our hearts like a branding iron…….

We tell them our wishes, our secrets, our deepest truths, while often masking the same for those in our lives without fur.

They, in turn, judge not.  They offer unconditional love, not criticism, not jealousy, not condescendence of any kind.

As many times as I have lost and sat by others as they have endured the same; it  never gets any easier ….

I think it gets worse……as time passes and you realize you won’t find many more soul friends, you miss those that leave more than ever before.

With each farewell,  the branding iron is just as red hot……charring the old wounds of a porous heart.

But each time, we open those hearts again …….

The love of a dog is stronger than the heat of hell’s irons.

Dogs are like the sparks of the brightest, shooting stars.

Their love remains light years after the fire has been extinguished….always glowing within our hearts.

No earthly death can separate the Bridge of Love built between them and the ones left behind to grieve.  I believe they wait one day to greet us and rekindle that spark just as brilliantly as the beginning moments of love.

I truly believe this; I would not work as an animal communicator if I did not believe in their continuing energy with all of my soul.Tad in GAnthonyTad page



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