“Teaching Rusty the “Ropes” …(how poodles become collies”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Collies like to bark.   You learn that the hard way, usually when you are standing at the door in your robe and pajamas in the early morning and you are screaming for the barking to stop.   You can try to train, try to be the dominant one, bribe with cookies……all futile…..For a collie must release his song to the world at all times…..especially in the very early morning or very late night……..

Now, little Rusty is following his big brother’s lead.   The minute his tiny paws step over the door threshold, his poodle song is released…….

A collie needs only the air to bark, why wait to find something at which to voice the alarm……Voice it first and tell every squirrel, bird, or human within a block radius that you have arrived.    No matter that your mom is screaming at the door to be quiet, that just makes sounding…

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“Mornings of Mischief”

How two little poodles changed my life

The Roses and Thorns of Life

They work as a team….Aura Lea, my Irish Wolfhound, swishes her tail and knocks my reading glasses off the living room end table…..Ruby, my poodle,  carries them into her bed……..
My knitting needle and yarn strewn across the rug….now having a thousand collie fur strands attached to it…..
A home without them is no home for me ……..

I gather up their breakfast bowls.  ………  They each have their designated place; I carry Ruby’s into the living room and hear Rusty, my other poodle,  darting toward the kitchen……

He sits upon my kitchen chair and starts to eat……. he just started doing this and now claims his place at the table for breakfast and dinner each day.    I have him a little more than a month now; when he came, he seemed to be apprehensive of any dog bowl I put out for him.    I literally had to…

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“Good byes and Hellos”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

These past couple of days have been sorrowful.   Since becoming a wolfhound mom, I have been introduced to a world of wolfhound moms and dads, our bonds forged by our love and devotion to this breed.

Certain members and their hounds shine a bit more brightly on our group pages…..two stars have extinguished their mortal light ……

One was a big, wooly hound whose photos always brought a smile to our faces…..one was a young man finally getting a new heart…..though he had already lost his to a wolfhound named Gelert, who I am sure was waiting to greet him.  I envision his long tail wagging, his huge paws reaching out to embrace his dad, who suffered complications during surgery.    He didn’t survive his new heart operation, but Gelert was waiting to give him his once again…….

I think sharing your heart with a wolfhound changes you.   You see…

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“Not Everyone’s Christmas is Joyous”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

This has been a rough week for several of my friends, more than usual. Many lost their beloved dogs this week, so close to Christmas is especially hard. I know. I had to euthanize my Tad only a few days before Christmas a handful of years past.
For me, my years of grieving Tad, and Bobby, and Bram, and Casper and Poppy have eased with my adoption of two little poodles from China. But now my friends face the grieving and I know there is not much I can do to ease their sorrows. The words of friends help for the moment; then, you turn around and see the empty spot where they used to sleep and your heart just cracks a little more.
Some have lost spouses this year; some face difficulties in health and finances that make the tinsel shine with less lustre this December. I remember the…

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“If you have dogs, don’t hang cookies on your Christmas Tree, and other funny “tails”……

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I think it’s the Mercury Retrograde…..I feel like Charles Dickens…..remembering Christmases past……

Many of my Christmases involve calamities of one kind or another……usually pertaining to trees.

One of my first Christmases in my home involved, of course, getting a big tree.   That was before my experienced wisdom evolved.   A loud crash came from the room….broken ornaments scattered across the floor.  A decapitated fox, raccoon, and other maimed woodland beings lay forlornly  amongst the accident site.  From that Christmas on, we always tied our tree to a hook in the ceiling.   

Then there was the Christmas I wanted that homespun, primitive style feel to our tree.   I hung real gingerbread cookies on the branches.   We had two teeny toy poodles.   The next morning, we awoke to a gingerbread massacre.   The gingerbread men on the lower branches had been obliterated to crumbs.   Those higher up, (about the height a toy poodle…

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Animal Communication “It’s the little details that matter most”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Animal communication is a subject that garners snickers, laughs, and misunderstanding from most.  I see so many who profess to work as animal communicators.   Their sessions are similar……  he sees you crying.  He likeswhere you placed his urn.    He is waiting at the Bridge.  You get where I am going with this………

It is easy to string a few applicable statements together that fit the mold of most grieving pet parents; just as it is easy to work as a medium in the art of cold readings.

What sets an animal communicator apart is in the little details.    It is that one sentence that strikes a chord with the owner; that one thing no one would know unless they had a camera aimed toward their living room.   It is those quiet moments when certain baby talk or loving routines are repeated, day in and day…

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“Tell the Angels One Cookie in the Morning”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

My little mouse, Miss Charlotte Bumbles, crossed last night.   She was fine yesterday, she ate, she played, she came to greet me with her ever smiling face….

I went in to give her her bedtime cookie and no whiskered face greeted me at the cage door……. I knew.

Such a gentle girl……

Such a short life……..

Such an everlasting sorrow in my heart.

I think she has a smile on her face…..a peaceful death.   What she deserved ♥

“Tell the Angels ……One cookie in the morning, and one before bed.”




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