“It’s a Tough World out There”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

My new “patient” at the squirrel house is this little one…….he is missing part of his tail, it is bloodied on the underside.   Perhaps a close encounter with a cat; perhaps someone sought to trap him and he escaped by the hairs of his chinney chin tail………P1190736

It’s tough to have a disabled tail; squirrels use them for all their arboreal gymnastics.  I will care for him as long as he wants to hang around…..though not much hanging from that little tail, I’m afraid………..:-(

Poor little fellow……it is a tough world out there.   Where you feed them every day, you notice the injured ones.   You notice when they don’t show up anymore, and you worry and wonder…………

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“The Message of a Dove”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I raise doves and I feed wild ones.   Each day this week, a very sick dove came to my door.   She walked in circles, stumbled over at times, and had enough strength to fly in short spurts when I attempted to come to close.   As days passed, I would get closer, within inches, but she would still fly.

Yesterday morning, she did not come.   I went out.   Upon returning home, lying on her side at the end of my driveway near the gutter, was her still body.   My husband saw her and avoided crushing her body with is tires.   I got out, wanting to retrieve her remains to bury her at peace.   She was still alive.

Now, she peacefully sleeps, the strength of her body slowly ebbing.  Her death is coming, but she will not be under the wheels of a passing car or in the grasp of a hungry…

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“It’s Summer Olympics at my Farmhouse”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

There’s a scurry of activity at my farmhouse…….rivaling the soccer match.

It’s Summer Olympics…….

As you see here……chipmunk is taking the high jump……

Rabbit is no match for the 100 yard dash……..

And groundhog is master of the shot put (a.k.a. shrubbery) Look on the lower right hand corner of the screen….he attacks his practice session with gusto, as you see   ☺

Sunrays On Porch Side 1


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“Hunter of Wolves…..Just don’t set off a firecracker”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Last night was rough…… there is always that one neighbor on the block that enjoys pyrotechnics.

Aura Lea, my wolfhound, has lived through several July celebration noises, without any bother.   This year, for some unknown reason, she was terrified of fireworks and firecrackers.   Not good when a 120+ lb. hound tries desperately to squeeze her entire body on to your lap.   We were totally dumbfounded and unprepared for this……no calming shirts…..do they even make them in wolfhound sizes?????

To add to the chaos, our collie picked up on Aura Lea’s anxiety and tried to squeeze along side her on to our laps.

During the 15 minute lull in the din between our neighbor’s ignitions…..we would finally get them to settle down…….then off the firecracker went………and off Aura Lea went into a panic……

There was no loud incident that might have triggered this anxiety between last July and now…….it’s a mystery…

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