“My Work as a Medium and Animal Intuitive Communicator”

Mourning's Illuminationhope angelI work as a medium and animal communicator, scheduling sessions on both those on this earthly plane and those crossed into the Spirit Realm.

With ancestry going back to Transylvania, the gifts of my ancestors are still carried within.

I schedule mediumship sessions on both people and animals crossed into the Spirit Realm and also offer sessions with the Tarot.

I keep my fees modest, I do not equate integrity and gifts with asking enormous prices……my fee is and has always been 35.00, within the reach of those who wish to contact those crossed.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~me and casper 2

I’d like everyone to know of the fabulous and comforting reading I just got about my father from Shirl Knobloch!!! This woman can truly see into energies that have departed, and the reading was “spot on”! God bless Shirl, she has given me much needed peace!~~~Jane Baldwin

Paola Ascoli‎~~~~~
 I can’t begin to thank you enough for the wonderful blessing of hearing what our cats had to say! I look forward to more messages from my furry babies in the future. Your gift is truly incredible and I have been telling everyone about you and how amazing these messages are!
Jennifer Jeune
· River Vale, NJ ·
Thank you Shirl, for the reading you did recently about my mother who passed very suddenly a month ago. You touched on some things that were very much about my mother, and it was comforting to read them. I wish I had your gift and could communicate with her as I miss her very much and didn’t get to say goodbye. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a touching and real reading.

Shirl…your reading has helped me in this time of self doubt, and questioning everything that i do…Your intuitive soul has brought back my sense of trust in my Spritual guidance and peace with my Mystical happiness… I felt your true blessings…Thank you so…much



“My reading with Shirl was quite helpful in understanding my dream about my dog who had died a year before. Shirl was able to tell me what the dream meant, which gave me a great deal of peace and a practical approach to releasing more grief about my pet’s passing. I found Shirl’s insights wise, kind, and helpful.”

Adele Michal
North Carolina

Highly respect and recommend a session with Shirl. Your gift allows our beloved love ones to connect with us…truly comforting.

Brenda Phelps


Thank you so much for my session. My little one had passed so suddenly and I was still so stunned/grieving that it really helped. Spot on in many areas. It really helps a heart.   Kay Voight, Texas


Please visit and learn more about my work with people and animals.   Read more testimonials on my second blog.


I have written several books about my experiences…….visit my author page here  http://www.amazon.com/Shirl-Knobloch/e/B00OEW2XJQ/ref=ntt_dp_epwbk_0

Please feel welcome to click on my website link to read many more testimonials and descriptions of the varied sessions I offer.   Thanks and Blessings.



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