“I’m Convinced….My Poodle Reads in the Night”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Two mornings ago, in my dogs’ toy chest……..yes, they have a toy chest, were a few of my paperback books…..

Strange?……..Perhaps, but I have a poodle who likes to “take” stuff…..usually in the early morning hours……Sometimes, it’s my knitting, one time it was my scissors…..(thankfully, no injury sustained.)

This morning, I found my reading glasses lying in her dog bed.   So, mystery solved, I have a poodle who reads during the night…   🙂

Ruby’s “Book of the Month” selections are, as follows……..

“Blind Hope, A Dog and the Woman She Rescued”

“Nantucket, Ghost Stories”

“The Pig who Sang to the Moon”

Eclectic tastes……just like her mom  ♥p1200329

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“Spreading Light in China” Part 2

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Ruby and Rusty continue to spread furry light in China.

I received this touching message from the retired teacher who rescued Rusty and Ruby in China…….

Dear Shirl, today some of my student teachers were sent to a country primary school to help the students there with their English study! I recommended your stories to them! They told them the story of your adopting Rusty and Ruby, and read them the stories you wrote about the dogs! They were greatly touched by the fact that there are so many Americans helping the abandoned dogs in China! Here are some of the pictures and videos we took!

Every writer hopes her words will have impact on the world; every writer hopes the words written from her heart will reach out and enter the hearts of others….. With the help of my two tiny poodles, my heart is filled with joy that…

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