“Teaching Rusty the “Ropes” …(how poodles become collies”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Collies like to bark.   You learn that the hard way, usually when you are standing at the door in your robe and pajamas in the early morning and you are screaming for the barking to stop.   You can try to train, try to be the dominant one, bribe with cookies……all futile…..For a collie must release his song to the world at all times…..especially in the very early morning or very late night……..

Now, little Rusty is following his big brother’s lead.   The minute his tiny paws step over the door threshold, his poodle song is released…….

A collie needs only the air to bark, why wait to find something at which to voice the alarm……Voice it first and tell every squirrel, bird, or human within a block radius that you have arrived.    No matter that your mom is screaming at the door to be quiet, that just makes sounding…

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