“Good byes and Hellos”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

These past couple of days have been sorrowful.   Since becoming a wolfhound mom, I have been introduced to a world of wolfhound moms and dads, our bonds forged by our love and devotion to this breed.

Certain members and their hounds shine a bit more brightly on our group pages…..two stars have extinguished their mortal light ……

One was a big, wooly hound whose photos always brought a smile to our faces…..one was a young man finally getting a new heart…..though he had already lost his to a wolfhound named Gelert, who I am sure was waiting to greet him.  I envision his long tail wagging, his huge paws reaching out to embrace his dad, who suffered complications during surgery.    He didn’t survive his new heart operation, but Gelert was waiting to give him his once again…….

I think sharing your heart with a wolfhound changes you.   You see…

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