“If you have dogs, don’t hang cookies on your Christmas Tree, and other funny “tails”……

The Roses and Thorns of Life

I think it’s the Mercury Retrograde…..I feel like Charles Dickens…..remembering Christmases past……

Many of my Christmases involve calamities of one kind or another……usually pertaining to trees.

One of my first Christmases in my home involved, of course, getting a big tree.   That was before my experienced wisdom evolved.   A loud crash came from the room….broken ornaments scattered across the floor.  A decapitated fox, raccoon, and other maimed woodland beings lay forlornly  amongst the accident site.  From that Christmas on, we always tied our tree to a hook in the ceiling.   

Then there was the Christmas I wanted that homespun, primitive style feel to our tree.   I hung real gingerbread cookies on the branches.   We had two teeny toy poodles.   The next morning, we awoke to a gingerbread massacre.   The gingerbread men on the lower branches had been obliterated to crumbs.   Those higher up, (about the height a toy poodle…

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