“Poppies and Poodles…….and Memories”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Two years ago, a little poodle named Shadow came into my home on Mother’s Day.   She was to be the heart healer…..I had lost several of my little ones to monsters in the months before…….this elderly,  nearly blind, abandoned poodle needed a mom…and I needed a furry child to hold in my arms again.  I renamed her Poppy, in remembrance of all my babies, now in Spirit.

The first year, she blossomed like a poppy…….prancing about my Irish wolfhound, always at her side.   Then, her bloom faded.  Canine dementia shadowed my Poppy, she could not see,  could no longer hear, and did not understand where she was anymore.   She circled endlessly, she bumped into everything, she got stuck behind furniture, behind appliances and lived only to survive.

Then, early this year, another neurological issue cast a darkness in her bleak existence.   Her hind legs started to fail; I would find…

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“This Pet House” Living with the Pack

The Roses and Thorns of Life

10506898_10202057168341499_2521694472086133683_o(1)Wouldn’t it be refreshing to see some ordinary rooms in magazines……

It’s great to see a vase full of dahlias positioned on a gleaming dining room table, set with polished silver and dainty china.   But how about our real lives……

Take yesterday, for instance, I walked into my room to find my exercise bike pedal chewed, a nice clump missing…….Culprit, my collie, Landon.

There are holes in the fringed throws that cover my furniture…there will always be a dust ball of fur floating around the floor…even five minutes after vacuuming.

You know how some walls have growth marks for childrens’ height……my woodwork has chew marks for growing teeth.

Kitchens in magazines……sigh.    How could a family of five live there, with not a dish in the drain or a crumb on the counter……Show a kitchen on a rainy day……when dog paws leave a canvas of mud across the floor…….or show…

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