“In my Easter Bonnet”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Easter…….do you remember spring coats?    Each spring, it was time to get a new spring coat.   I haven’t heard that expression in quite a number of decades.   I, myself, never got spring coats for my own daughters.   In fact, the last time I remember getting them
Easter outfits was when they were very small,  the youngest in kindergarten.   I think I still have those outfits ……..they matched.   A white jacket top over a black pleated skirt with a red flower corsage.   Not exactly Easter colors, but ……..at least, they didn’t get bonnets.

I left the world of spring coats and Easter bonnets far behind me by then.   I had enough trauma from Easter pageants at my own elementary school, where we paraded our handmade Easter bonnets on the auditorium stage.   Mine had artificial flowers……not the kind Michael’s sells now, I am sure.   Mine were the ugly, plastic kind  (I…

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“Yoga with Bud”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Bud is my yoga partner.   His siblings are too rambunctious and banished to another room; but Bud lies beside my yoga mat, teddy bear gently clasped in his mouth, practicing his own meditative routine.

Usually, the teddy bear is stolen by Landon…….now, for these brief morning moments, Bud has dominion over the toy bin, over the rest of the house and can peacefully lower his stress, raise his comfort level and feel grounded to his space.   Isn’t that the purpose of yoga….some do it on a mat……some only need a teddy bear.

Namaste   🙂

Shirl and Bud

buds bear

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“The Tale of Miss Charlotte Bumbles”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Those who read my blogs know I brought home a baby mouse this past weekend.   He only lived one full day, and peacefully crossed during the night.

I named him Mr. Bumbles, in remembrance of a dear friend, whose birthday it was that Sunday.

Heartbroken, I wondered if I should get another.   The pet store worker had been especially nasty to me, you can read more at my blog from two days ago.

So, my husband drove me to another more distant pet shop to find another mouse to comfort my heart and fill the new cage that forlornly sat empty.

The pet display cases said…….new ones coming soon…….

So, my husband drove me even further away to another store………I didn’t want to meet that nasty worker again at the shop close to me and didn’t want to bring another baby from that same litter who might carry similar…

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“Mr Bumbles”…….

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Mr. Bumbles crossed peacefully into spirit during the night.   I brought him home from the pet store on Sunday; I have another mouse that is almost a year old now.   The pet store worker was very nasty to me.   I asked for a certain mouse and she said what difference does it make, I don’t have all day when you pick one out….you just want him for food anyway.   Mr. Bumbles wasn’t the mouse I chose, she hastily grabbed Mr. Bumbles by the tail…..but it didn’t matter, the one caught was the one meant to come home that afternoon……  

No, I didn’t want him for food.   Unfortunately, these tiny beings are bred in horrendous conditions…born to be somebody’s meal, that’s all.  For less than the price of a fancy coffee, you can bring one home and choose his fate.   More often than not, they are not in the best of…

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“Add Squirrel Pee to the List”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

13138819_1288062507888384_7147353215394542769_nPoor Steve….those who have read Birdsong, Barks, and Banter know my opening chapter begins “If I grow fur and pee on the floor, will you love me more?” as homage to Steve……..
This morning, he opened our front door and on the step a little squirrel did a pee puddle in front of him…….now, add squirrel pee to his resume.

Over the years, I have adopted a bunch of elderly, ill dogs who either never learned or could no longer control their aging bladders.   It hasn’t been easy, I spent years without a day going by when we weren’t cleaning mishaps from our floor.    Long ago, I learned hardwood, not carpeting, was my friend.

These days, we have Poppy…….she is an elderly poodle with dementia.   We adopted her two years ago, at first, she did maneuver her way to the back door, in spite of cataracts clouding her vision. …

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“Da hoo doray…Da hoo doray……

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Da hoo doray….Da hoo doray……..

Dr. Seuss

Your birthday day………

That was an inept homage to Dr. Seuss, Theodor Geisel, born on this day in 1904.

(Seuss was his middle name, also his mother’s maiden name)……

His name even sounds like one of his creations…..Theodor Seuss Geisel……I can picture a quirky face to match that moniker.

His first book was rejected by over two dozen publishers…..their loss, I am quite certain…since his books have sold millions and counting…….

What would childhood be without his unique rhymes and characters……my favorite, Mr. Grinch…..a grumpy green whatever? with a mushy heart of gold………

He instilled many whatevers in our hearts and minds……

So ……… let us join the Whoville chorus…..

Let’s invite The Cat in the Hat……the Lorax……..

Let’s serve up some Green Eggs and Ham……

For it’s a party….

Da  hoo doray

Da  hoo doray

Dr. Seuss

Your birthday day…….

Here is…

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