“Other Gems Touched her Heart”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Mention violet eyes and only one thought comes to mind for those of us of a certain generation…….
Elizabeth Taylor…….born in 1932 on this day, and left her mortal life on this day, in 2011.
I am certain most believe Elizabeth is resting amidst a cloud of diamonds somewhere, but her heart held space for more than shiny baubles.
There is a very obscure childrens’ book, written by Elizabeth when she was but a child, herself. She writes of her affection for Nibbles, a little chipmunk she found while shooting the movie, “Courage of Lassie.”
I recommend you seek it out. It will open up an entirely new view of this “Gem” of a woman. It has been recently released again; it is a little jewel in her legacy. And while you are searching for it, visit my book page on Amazon….a lot of reviewers have written that my book…

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