“Pit Bulls”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

It’s been all over the news……the young woman mauled to death by her Pit Bulls.   Some say no way, some say “kill them all.”   

There is always more to the story…….it has been coming out in bits and pieces…..how these dogs, once cared for with much attention, were receiving less devotion in recent time.

Are some breeds inherently aggressive?   I think some breeds possess the power to hurt and kill and must be raised with devotion and love.   It is man who has bred evil into these innocents and now these innocents carry the Scarlet Letter of killing around their necks, whether deserving of it or not.

I once exchanged conversation with a dog behaviorist and author.   He told me even a little poodle will become a killer if left on the streets to join a wild pack.   Even man will become a killer to survive.

But these dogs…

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