“To Bees and Time”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Another year passed…….my Queen Bee is now 3……my tiny bumblebee is in a world of severe dementia and blindness and now gets stuck in weird places, like my TV cabinet the other night. When I first brought the tiny bumblebee home, she and Aura Lea became fast friends. Now Aura Lea tolerates this tiny dog, Poppy always stumbling into her, stumbling on top of her, stumbling everywhere……….wondering where her friend has “gone”………..

Time flies for a wolfhound…….three years in a life short even in dog terms.   Time has no meaning for a tiny poodle trapped in a senile world of darkness.   She gets stuck in places now, we have had to block off the back of our refrigerator, the back of our computer with all the wires……..if there is a nook to be fit inside, Poppy will find it.

So today, this blog is dedicated to bees and time…..


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