“A Grasp on Things”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Yesterday, I went shopping in my local market.   There was a gentleman there, in the pet food aisle, struggling to put sizable bags of birdseed into his cart.  He didn’t have hands, he had metal claws, for want of a better word.   Not the fancy prosthetics designed today; these were the metal appendages of earlier times.   His cart was already filled with several large bags of wild birdseed, here he was, struggling to grasp one more.

My husband turned to me when we got in the next aisle and said, “Did you see that?”  “Yes,” I answered.  I had seen him times before in the market; his metal hands deftly handling money at the register.

In silence, my husband and I both drank in what we had seen.   My husband, I am sure, felt empathy.   He is always first to say, can I help you…

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