“Living with a Bunch of Furry Kids”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Anyone who lives with a pack of dogs knows they are just like kids.   They get jealous over toys, they get jealous over beds, they can be spiteful, and they can be so compassionate your heart will melt.

We have a toy bin……yes, a toy bin of stuffed and chew toys.   We have a collie puppy.   He must first empty the bin every single time before he chooses the one he wants.   Of course, the others make their selections too.   I find toys hidden in their favorite corners, like pirate doubloons.

They make “dibs” over beds and blankets too.   It reminds me of shot gun…….who calls it first, gets it ………..

This is Bud……he is a shepherd, perhaps, rottie, perhaps dobie, perhaps anything mix.   He tips the scale at a rather portly number.   But he likes to sleep in my toy…

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“The Light Continues”

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Early this morning when I awoke and came downstairs, a beautiful beam of morning sunlight was focused only on a photograph of me and my Little Guy…….I think it was St. Lucy’s light, telling me that Little Guy was in her arms…….
I raced for my camera, turned it on, but the charge was dead. I guess some things will not be “captured”……..some things must be believed, like faith and St. Lucy.
In a very dark room, sunlight filtered in and brightened my heart and day……….
St. Lucy is the Saint of light……today is her Feast Day.
When the day comes and a beautiful beam of light appears at the end of a tunnel, it is my heart’s wish that Little Guy and all the others will be waiting.
Light to everyone,me-and-little-guy-c

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“If a Collie Barks…..LISTEN” or Woof, Woof, What is it Landon,…..Poppy stuck in the ficus? :-)

The Roses and Thorns of Life


Last night, about 5 in the a.m., Landon, our collie baby, started barking non stop  A couple of shouts Landon No did nothing, so I told my husband he’d better investigate.  Landon doesn’t bark like that at night.   I was in a semi sleep/wake state, dreaming of my collie Casper, who left me this past April.

My husband got up, went downstairs and saw an agitated collie barking and jumping about in his crate.   Aura Lea, my wolfhound, was minding her own business, wondering what the to do was all about.   My husband heard some strange sounds coming from the back of the house, in our sun room.  We have a sun room designed to be an addition to our kitchen space, but now has become the rescue spot for trees.   I have several live Norfolk pines from Christmas pasts……a couple of towering ficus, a huge…

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“Worth every snot gob” Zora and Jimzy

The Roses and Thorns of Life

p1140112I am a grandmother to two furry beings……Zora, a beagle, and Jimzy, a cat.   I call Jimzy, Mr. Snuffleupagus, because he has chronic sniffles…….the result of hard street living respiratory infections as a kitten.  His condition will never go away……he will have bouts of sniffles and has a tendency to blow out a big gob of snot when necessary.

Zora is the Queen Beagle.   She must be the only dog in the house, but she tolerates cats.  So she and Jimzy are friends.   A few days ago, Zora had a very bad seizure.   We don’t know if the seizure caused the injury or she fell because of the seizure from her Queenly throne, my daughter’s bed…….but Zora’s hind legs are paralyzed.   It is not hopeless, we see glimmers of movement, but whatever happens, the Queen will still reign

Jimzy was rescued with another cat……his name…

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