“A Flower’s Thirst” Living with Poppy’s Cushing’s disease” A funny tale

The Roses and Thorns of Life

Poppy, our little rescued toy poodle, has Cushing’s.    This makes her have an incessant thirst for water.   This also poses a dilemma in our house.  She is partially blind, but has a homing device for water built inside her……she can search it out better than a pair of dowsing rods.   No matter if I change the bowl position each day, she finds it better than Sherlock Holmes.

Living with others pack members…….one of whom is an Irish Wolfhound, means their water bowl is about the size of a trough.

And Poppy would love nothing more than to sit at that trough and drink herself into oblivion.   I know, my little Cairn terrier, also had Cushing’s.   When she went outside in the rain, every puddle, every downspout was her feast.

Yesterday, my husband walked into our bathroom and saw a scene that I would wager no…

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