“Casper was my Sun, Landon is my Moon”

Those of you who follow my writings know how rough these past months have been.   In the span of little over a year, I have had to hold the heads of four beloved pets as the final needle entered their suffering bodies.  I lost them all to the ravages of illness, three long before their time was due.

When Casper left, he took the sun.   He took the light in my heart, the laughter in my day.  Then along came a little poodle, who shone a candle back inside my heart, bringing only the joy animals can bring to me.

Now a little boy with a crescent moon on his back has brought me the moon….  the beacon of light that shines to brighten our darkness.   He is a gift.   A gift from the heavens where all brightness originates.   A gift from the spirit of a faithful, beloved friend who knew his love could never be replaced, but strengthened.   As all energy is never extinguished, only strengthened in another place, filled with love and light.




Shirl and Landon Clair de Lune  (Light of the Moon)