“Eyes for all Beings”

On this day in 2011, one of America’s icons left mortal earth.  Her violet eyes lit up the screen like her signature diamonds.
I am certain most believe Elizabeth is resting amidst a cloud of diamonds somewhere, but her eyes shone with love for more than jewels.
There is a very obscure childrens’ book, written by Elizabeth when she was but a child, herself. She writes of her affection for Nibbles, a little chipmunk she found while shooting the movie, “Courage of Lassie.”
I recommend you seek it out. It will open up an entirely new view of this “Gem” of a woman. It has been recently released again; it is a little jewel in her legacy. And while you are searching for it, visit my book page on Amazon….A lot of reviewers have written that my book, “Birdsongs, Barks, and Banter,” is a little gem as well.   Pictured here are me and Val, me and valmy little chipmunk, actually a dwarf hamster.   My brown eyes shine for all the little and not so little beings of the earth..



“Take it Easy” Aura Lea in a Flat Bed Tow Truck

Well, I wasn’t on the corner in Winslow, Arizona but I was on busy Highway 78, Allentown, Pennsylvania.  I heard the words of dread after a sudden noise from our engine…….It’s bad.   You don’t want to break down anywhere, but on busy, tractor trailer laden 78, 2 hours from home, with an Irish Wolfhound in the back seat……..Well, you can imagine.

My book signing wasn’t too eventful.  I wore my lucky elephant bracelet but the crummy weather brought only one reader out to purchase my book.   But my elephant brought us luck in another, more important way.

The Pennsylvania trooper came quickly.  He took one look at Aura Lea in the back seat and said you can’t stay on this highway but I cannot fit that dog in my car.   I had already told my husband that there was no way I was leaving her…….no way.

The flat bed tow truck arrived minutes after.   I protested but the tow truck operator said no humans were allowed on the flat bed……Aura would have to ride in our car alone, hoisted on the flat bed.

So, I watched Aura Lea being hoisted on to the bed while my heart was being lowered in my stomach.

It turns out, she was the calmer of the two of us.    Looking back from the cab of the operator’s vehicle, I turned ’round to see her head positioned at the driver’s seat.   I know there must be at least one cell phone photo of it floating around the Internet……I can imagine someone riding by and seeing a Wolfhound posed behind the wheel of a car on a flat bed tow truck!!

Then, she calmly lay down in the back seat, enjoying the ride while her mom sat at the very edge of her seat.

When the tow truck operator handed my husband his business card, I smiled.   The logo was………an elephant.   Totems will watch over you   🙂

Now, to put my feet up and relax…….I will take a cue from Aura Lea…Master of Calm under difficult circumstances…I am so grateful she is such a very good girl……..

Our car, well it’s still in Allentown……….but, thankfully, we are ALL home safe.

(Pictured)  Aura Lea feet up in the back seat……just the tip of her snout showing where that shaggy head is sleeping……….