“Watching Life End”

There is another rat video going viral on social media this morning.   You probably watched the pizza stealing rat on the subway steps a couple of weeks earlier.

This other video is harsher; it shows a life and death struggle between a rat and a pigeon.   The pigeon was obviously sick, or old, or perhaps injured.   He could not fly.   The rat had the upper hand; they wrestled and fought a savage battle for life.

The eyes behind the camera phone laughed.   They laughed with other eyes who watched and added cheerful “banter” to the mix.   Wrestling plays were explained….comments about NYC rats provided humor.

How could watching this pigeon struggle to survive be funny…….once, it escaped and tried to run away, but it was no match for the rat.   The end was obvious and tragic.

How much have we changed.   This might have been a Roman seat in the Colosseum.   Has our taste for death survived; do we still long to see others end survival before us………..

I don’t know which was more disturbing, the video or the eyes behind it………

It seems our eyes have been glazed over by too much death and too much violence and we do not feel the real pain and suffering as it unfolds…….We have reached the point where a video screen and a real life screen have become interchangeable…….Our value of life has diminished.   Even the value of a tiny pigeon’s life should be viewed with compassion and empathy.

RIP little one, I am sorry your end brought so much pain and fear.