“Finding those lost” (My work as an Animal Communicator)

This morning, I was asked about my work finding lost animals………Since I am often asked this, I thought I would share my response.
Being asked to find a lost animal can be the most wonderful and the hardest energy to bear……..When I sense an animal is no longer on this plane, it is the toughest knowledge to share.   I try to gently convey the information, but many times, no matter how many times I dance around the subject, the owner refuses to accept it.   And it is such a sad dance.  I never just come out and say I feel an animal has crossed, but will hint that the possibility of finding him is very low, or that his health and age made it very difficult to endure the suffering of living without care.   They never believe me; the heart doesn’t want to hear and believe these words, and this is very painful for me.

What pains me most is seeing how others can take advantage of such grieve laden hearts, charging large fees for questionable results……I have never charged a fee for finding one who is lost.  

I see the same owner requests, months later, to other animal communicators to find their lost loved ones.   This hurts.   Connecting with the energy of one who suffered so really drains my own energy.   Seeing that my work had no value saddens me, as much as knowing these owners are pursuing endless dead ends…….for want of a better phrase.  It is hard energy to work with, as it envelopes one’s own with the suffering and heartache of an innocent animal who did not deserve such pain.

Finding an animal is like putting together a puzzle.  Sometimes, owners expect precise information……the name of the town or person who has taken them or the exact spot where they roam.   Animals do not convey this…….they tell me of woodlands, of busy traffic, of feminine or masculine energy, of kindness, of torture…….

Finding one lost is not giving an exact location, it is giving puzzle pieces about that location.   Any communicator who makes promises of finding the exact spot is one I equate to a medium telling you he or she can communicate with everyone around you all the time…………

I am extremely proud of the times when information I have provided has helped bring lost ones home again.

……..My proudest moment was when two little dogs were lost during an approaching snow storm……I told some information about the area that helped find them on a very cliff laden area where they most likely would not have survived.  By mentioning the cliffs, volunteer searchers were able to pinpoint the direction to search and the pair were found at the edge of a precipice, too scared to move.  The horrible snowstorm would have been their demise, instead, they made it back home again.  The volunteers who spent hours looking for them are the ones to be praised, my work only aided their footsteps.

I have helped vets locate those lost as well.  I do not do this often, as I am overwhelmed with internet requests and the energy of realizing a dog has crossed is too much for me to experience.
Much as I would like to  rescue every dog, both lost and in shelters, I realize that this is impossible.  But when the impossible does happen, there is no greater joy than hearing that he or she has been  “found.”